The Michael Parks Foundation (MPF) was founded in 2015, subsequent to several attempts by Celeste & Malcolm Parks, to find a suitable place of safety for their 3-year-old son with Down syndrome. The Foundation registered as an NPO in September 2016 and are now the proud owners of NPO number 177-246.

Receiving our NPO number was a proud moment for us, as we saw it as an important step in achieving our vision of a professional response to the plight of families living with Down Syndrome.


To establish a holistic, therapeutic development centre for children and families with Down syndrome and other mental disabilities and conditions.

Overarching Aims

  1. To provide a supportive environment for parents and siblings of children with Downs Syndrome and related disabilities.
  2. To provide a holistic therapeutic centre, where these children can receive much needed therapies.
  3. To provide all these services at an affordable rate to parents who can afford it, and at a subsidised rate to parent who might not be able to afford all the therapeutic interventions which their child/ children may require.
  4. To secure financial support for parents who are not be able to afford it.
  5. To create awareness regarding Downs Syndrome and related disabilities in our communities.